Longas x Curto

For this edition, Curtocircuíto has programmed the first or second feature films of filmmakers who have been growing by our side for many years now. It has been ten years already since Curtocircuíto exhibited a piece by Lois Patiño for the first time. Likewise, our festival held the first retrospective of Jessica Sarah Rinland’s work three editions ago already. Moreover, Jessica had participated in our Official Section one year earlier, and was eventually chosen as winner. Also, Curtocircuíto exhibited, very successfully, the first short films by Colombian Camilo Restrepo, who will be in Santiago for the third time. In the case of Oskar Alegria, while his previous works did not form part of our programmes, he did collaborate closely with Curtocircuíto as director of the Punto de Vista Festival. All these people are filmmakers who have earned ample international recognition.

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Punto de Vista International Film Festival artistic director from 2013 to 2016 in Pamplona-Navarra. His first film Emak Bakia baita (the search for the house in the Basque coast where Man Ray shot his Emak Bakia film) was shown in BAFICI, Edimburgh, Telluride, San Sebastian, Shangài, Yamagata, DocLisboa, San Francisco and Denver Film Festivals, has been translated into 16 languages and won 17 awards.

Teatro Principal

Length: 122m 00s



Oskar Alegria

  • 2019
  • 122:00
  • Spain
  • FIC
  • COL, B&W

A filmmaker locks himself away beyond time in t he forest of hischildhood in a cabin built in the shape of memory. Alone and with a clock that stopped forever at 11. 36 and 23 seconds. In his window is an invisible memory, a submerged island.