Presented by the official panel of juries:

Radar Award: €3,000

Explora Award: €3,000

Galiza Award: €2,000

Penínsulas Award, sponsored by RC Service: €1,000 + rental of filming materials worth €1,000 + qualification for the Goya Awards of the Academy of Audiovisual Arts and Sciences of Spain.


Presented by other panels of juries:

Audience Award, sponsored by GADIS: €1,500

Young Jury Award: €1,000

CREA Award for Best Galician Director: €250

AGAG Award for Best Galician Screenplay: €250

Outra Compostela Awardsponsored by the Turismo de Santiago and Santiago de Compostela Film Commission: consists of a training course at the Escola Unitaria for each member of the working team.