Amorante + Javier Díez Ena

Sala Capitol |

21:30 h doors opening at 21:00 h

Amorante + Javier Díez Ena



Iban Urizar was a member of Café Teatro, a sort of band packed with talented artists such as Xabier Erkizia or Iñigo Ugarteburu, among others. He is now the soul of Amorante.

Iban Urizar was responsible for one of the most pleasant and exciting surprises of late: a collection of five songs that constituted the outstanding debut of his project AMORANTE. This Gipuzkoa-born ethnomusicologist, a multi-instrumentalist forged in multiple and diverse projects, is now taking a step forward and aligning himself with that refreshing front of artists who are ready to shed all prejudices and take music tradition out of the cupboard, from Niño de Elche to Los Hermanos Cubero through Lorena Álvarez or Pablo und Destruktion. His initiative distils an amount of genres that mystifies listeners but places them in known territories. From Euskal Herria, but with his eyes set on the horizon, Amorante tinges his compositions with Eastern or flamenco touches – there is room for all musics in a suggestive, highly nuanced discourse.


Javier Díez Ena

A theremin master, Javier has so far released two volumes of Theremonial, his series of albums composed and performed in their entirety with the instrument that is not meant to be touched.

The two volumes of Theremonial, published jointly by the labels Ale Hop! and Beat Generation, are theremin-only albums, but not solo-theremin albums – they are not solo albums but genuine kaleidoscopes of sounds whose most striking feature is the uniqueness of having this instrument as only source of sound. The theremin assumes all music roles: percussion, bass, harmony, melody, ambiences, etc. These are all original tracks whose influences range from exotic to industrial music through the primaeval electronic music of masters such as Jean-Jacques Perrey, Raymond Scott or Tom Dissevelt.