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Julián Mayorga

After adding a couple of albums to his discography in 2019, with the collaborative projects Flash Amazonas (together with Japanese Ryota Miyake) and Islas Atlánticas (with Colombian Andrés Gualdrón), Julián Mayorga is back with a new 4-song EP. La fiesta de transmigración (2020) was composed and recorded during the current global quarantine. From his operations centre in Madrid, Julian conceived and produced four music tracks that sound like old cumbia and classic vallenato, and mix with the peculiar, mocking sound that characterises the latest works of this Ibagué-born satyr.

A Colombian musician living in Madrid, he emerged from the boldest wing of the new Latin American tropicalist scene. He picks up elements of popular music, electronic music, Colombian folklore and psychedelia, all within the framework of experimentation.

With surreal lyrics, laden with a high level of humour, poetry and satire, Julián has created a very particular mythology of his own, which has gradually become consolidated throughout his prolific career. It consists of more than a dozen titles, including the single Bill Clinton y los gatos, a collaboration with Matías Aguayo and Lucrecia Dalt as part of his residency at the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal which was released in 2017 by Crammed Discs.

Julián is a regular in the programme of the Sónar Festival. He has supported Nicola Cruz, Xoel López, Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) and Romperayo and has played along such acts as Sigur Rós, Matmos or Suzanne Ciani. His live shows are a confluence of the most outlandish dance steps of the new Andean scene, eccentric animated visuals, in situ-produced loops, tropical groove, vocoders and psychedelic guitars.