Curtocircuíto presents its Official Section, comprising 35 films from 22 countries


Santiago de Compostela, 22 September 2020. – From 3 to 11 October, Curtocircuíto will open up again a space to reflect on the reality around us through cinema. The festival’s Official Section will show the works of authors from many different countries, with heterogeneous cultures and minds. Articulated into the competitive sections Radar and Explora, we will find a variety of pieces from indispensable filmmakers and new proposals from budding directors who are now making a name for themselves with their most recent work. A total of 35 films from 22 different countries will tinge Curtocircuíto’s halls with creative boldness, diversity and new languages. Simultaneously, these films will be distributed across Spain through Filmin, the festival’s online venue. Additionally, the juries of the competitive sections, made up by professionals from different fields of creation, are being announced today. 

RADAR: narrative cinema at the limits of convention 

As in previous editions, RADAR includes the less conventional proposals of this year’s narrative cinema. This section encompasses simple conceptions like Sergei Loznitsa’s Une nuit à l’Opéra, an observational documentary based on archive images, as well as more ground-breaking projects like the philosophic and digital analysis of How to Disappear, by the Digital Disarmament Movement formed by Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner and Michael Stumpf. This year, different authors who are already old acquaintances of this festival, such as Mark Rappaport, Laura Huertas Millán or Leonardo Moramateus, will accompany us again through a selection of films that seek to reflect on milestones or facts already known, in a search for new facets of reality. There is also room for new discoveries, such as the brilliant, psychedelic night trip of Sun Dog, by a very young Dorian Jespers, or Andrew Norman Wilson’s irreverent In the Air Tonight, focused on the song with the same title by Phil Collins. Magic realism, a digital apocalypse, new identities or oneiric humour, exceptionally spun by both the always unsettling Guy Maddin and the French Marie Losier, are some of the other proposals included in a section whose most outstanding feature is its heterogeneity. 

  • A chuva acalanta a dor | Leonardo Mouramateus | Portugal, Brazil | 2020 
  • Bugs and Beasts Before the Law | Sharlene Bamboat, Alexis Mitchell (Bambitchell) | Canada, Germany, United Kingdom | 2019 
  • Dustin | Naïla Guiguet | Francia | 2020
  • How to Disappear | Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel, Michael Stumpf | Austria | 2020 
  • I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face | Sameh Alaa | Egypt, France, Qatar, Belgium | 2020 
  • In the Air Tonight | Andrew Norman Wilson | USA | 2020 
  • JÍIBIE | Laura Huertas Millán | Colombia | 2019 
  • L’année dernière à Dachau | Mark Rappaport | France, USA | 2020 
  • Laguna negra | Felipe Esparza | Peru, France | 2020 
  • Playback. Ensayo de una despedida | Agustina Comedi | Argentina | 2019 
  • Pyrale | Roxanne Gaucherand | France | 2020 
  • Quatorze ans | Barbara Carlotti | France | 2020
  • Stump the Guesser | Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson | Canada | 2020
  • Sun Dog | Dorian Jespers | Belgium, Russia | 2020 
  • TESTFILM #1 | Telcosystems | Croatia, The Netherlands | 2020
  • Une nuit à l’Opéra | Sergei Loznitsa | France | 2020 
  • Waste no. 6: How Great | Jan Ijäs | Finland | 2019 
  • Which is Witch? | Marie Losier | France | 2020 
  • White Goldfish | Jan Roosens, Raf Roosens | Belgium | 2020

EXPLORA: searching for alternative avenues 

Opening up new paths and challenging established ideas, there is room for the most propositional cinema at the formal level in EXPLORA. A section in which images and their plasticity always facilitate reflexions on colonialism, as in the case of APIYEMIYEKÎ? by Ana Vaz (PÚLSAR 2016) or Rosa Barba’s Aggregate States of Matters. A number of familiar names in this section, such as Ben Rivers, Michael Fleming, Stefano Canapa or Siegfried Fruhauf, will be present here with proposals that cover a varied range of concepts, from a reflexion on human life through extremely fast frame editing (Tik Tak) to the most unconventional submissions, which seek to show the body of the cinema machine on the screen (Thorax). This section includes notably the world premiere of Untitled by Takashi Makino, who builds a visual mechanism based on a series of automated texts, as well as the work of the Galician director Adrián Canoura, who was sponsored by Curtocircuíto more than five years ago and is now participating in the Official Section for the first time, reflecting in Da morte nace a vida about the foundational piece of Galician cinema: Urxa

  • A Demonstration | Beny Wagner, Sasha Litvintseva | Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom | 2020
  • A Month of Single Frames | Lynne Sachs | USA | 2019
  • Aggregate States of Matters | Rosa Barba | Peru, Germany | 2019
  • APIYEMIYEKÎ? | Ana Vaz | Brazil, France, Portugal, The Netherlands | 2019
  • AQUAMARINE | Billy Roisz, Dieter Kovačič | Austria | 2019
  • Collapsing Mies | Claudia Larcher | Austria | 2020
  • Da morte nace a vida | Adrián Canoura | Spain | 2019 
  • Further Radical | Stefano Canapa | France | 2020
  • Houses (for Margaret) | Luke Fowler | United Kingdom | 2019
  • Kopierwerk | Stefanie Weberhofer | Austria | 2020
  • Look Then Below | Ben Rivers | United Kingdom | 2019
  • Mikä aika on? | Niina Suominen | Finland | 2020
  • There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here | Rainer Kohlberger | Germany | 2020
  • Thorax | Siegfried A. Fruhauf | Austria | 2019
  • Tik Tak | Michael Fleming | The Netherlands | 2020
  • Untitled | Takashi Makino | Japan, Australia, Taiwan | 2020

A multidisciplinary jury 

Curtocircuíto is also announcing today its juries for the different competitive sections of the festival, in which we will find a number of professionals from various areas related to artistic and audiovisual creation. In the Official Section, the jury of RADAR will be made up by the founder of the Brazilian distribution company Vitrene Films, Silvia Cruz; the director, producer and general curator of CATAPULTA (of Mexico’s FICUNAM) Iván Granovsky, and the Catalan composer and singer Maria Rodés. Manuel Asín, coordinator of the Area of Cinema of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (Madrid Fine Arts Circle), the filmmaker Velasco Broca and Rocío Mateo-Sagasta, head of music and audiovisual contents at La Casa Encendida, will be responsible for the deliberations on the section EXPLORA

For Planeta GZ and Penínsulas, we will have the visual artist Laura Iturralde, the audiovisual researcher Marta Pérez Pereiro and the director of the Play-Doc Festival, Ángel Sánchez. The Xurado Novo (Young Jury) will be made up by the filmmakers Judith Adataberna and Clara Rus, the plastic artist Elena Galilea, the translator Alba Doval and the musician María Gallego. In the case of AGAG, this year the jury will be formed by scriptwriters José Antonio Cascudo, Enrique Lojo and Ángela Andrada. Lastly, the filmmakers Xes Chapela, Anxos Fazáns and Berio Molina will present the CREA Award for Best Galician Director.