Curtocircuíto will host the avant-premiere of 'Fire Will Come', by Oliver Laxe


After the film won an award at the Cannes Film Festival, it will have one of its avant-premieres in Galicia at the Santiago de Compostela International Film Festival Tuesday, 1st October in a special session that will take place at the Teatro Principal in Santiago de Compostela.

Frame by Fire Will Come

We are happy to announce that the sixteenth edition of the upcoming Santiago de Compostela International Film Festival, which will be held between 28 September and 6 October, will host the Galician avant-premiere of Fire Will Come, the latest film by Oliver Laxe, produced by the Galician Miramemira production company, 4 to 4 Productions, Tarantula and Kowalski Films. This special session will take place on Tuesday, 1st October at 10:30 p.m. at the Teatro Principal de Compostela and will feature the filmmaker and, Amador Arias and Benedicta Sánchez, who play the leading roles in the film.

Last May, Oliver Laxe made history by becoming the first Spanish filmmaker along with Víctor Erice to be selected in Cannes with his first three works and the only one to be awarded out of all of his entries. In the competition, Fire Will Come  was awarded the Jury Prize in the Official Section – Un Certain Regard in the Cannes Film Festival and the Award for the Best Sound Design in the section. The film, which has recently become one of the four Spanish films selected at the European Film Awards, will have its national premiere at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in September. In the coming months, it will also compete in some of the most prestigious international festivals in Toronto and New York, among others, before arriving in commercial cinemas next 11 October with the support of NUMAX Distribution.

Curtocircuíto will continue in this edition with its firm commitment to Galician audiovisual productions. In the coming weeks, the content of the customary sections will be made public  such as Planeta GZ, a competitive section that year after year reflects the richness and variety of current Galician cinema; Terra, the section dedicated to artists from Galicia with a consistent and personal work;  Supernova, which shows the first works of artists who do not have easy access to promotional venues and a promising special session in collaboration with the Cineclube de Compostela  that the organisation has planned for this edition.

The Santiago de Compostela International Film Festival is organised by the City Council of Santiago de Compostela and funded by the Provincial Council of A Coruña, the Galician Agency for Cultural Enterprises (AGADIC) and the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), among others.

The buzz about Fire Will Come…

“A film of such beauty, it is as provocative as it is hypnotic” (El Mundo)

“Fire Will Come confirms Oliver Laxe as one of the most daring and unusual voices in Spanish cinema” (Fotogramas)

“It has an exuberant visual power” (El País)

“An incandescent and powerful film” (Première)

“A beautiful and melancholic film with a piercing sensitivity” (The Hollywood Reporter)

“Oliver Laxe's new film turns up the heat on the international film scene. In Fire Will Come, the fury of the Galician fires contrasts with the sober rural chronicle that Laxe presents to us. A film in which nothing seems to happen, but it keeps us gripped by suspense every second, as only the great filmmakers know how to do.” (Transfuge)