Filmin presents the Curtocircuito channel


The main online cinema platform in Spain has made available for its suscribers a selection of films seen at Curtocircuíto 2018. The 17 movies, which include the award winners 592 metroz goiti (Audience Award), Uluru (Galiza Award) and Mi amado, las montañas (Penínsulas Award), will be online until the 10th of november.

If you couldn't come to Curtocircuíto, don't worry, because Curtocircuíto comes to your couch. We started a collaboration with Filmin to make available for you some of our favourites between the films we screened at the festival this year. They are seventeen and you can watch them at our channel at the platform.

Les amoureux (Pablo Dury)

Cops are Actors (Tova Mozard)

592 metroz goiti (Maddi Barber, Audience Award)

Perrolobo (Lycisca) (Gerard Ortín)

Life after Love (Zachary Epcar)

Nutsigassat (Tinne Zenner)

The Film Machine (Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino)

Uluru (Alberte Pagán, Galiza Award)

Mi amado, las montañas (Alberto Martín Menacho, Penínsulas Award)

In Between Takes (Alexei Dmitriev)

The Garden of Delight (Michael Fleming)

Los inocentes (Guillermo Benet)

Almost Nothing, So Continues the Night (Davor Sanvincenti)

Saladdin Castique (Anssi Kasitonni)

Vando vulgo Vedita (Leonardo Mouramateus and Andreia Pires)

Momentum 142308 (Manuel Knapp)

Trajectory Drift (Iván Castiñeiras)

Taking Away (Eginhartz Kanter)