The first all-inclusive season tickets will go on sale at a special discounted price for Curtocircuíto 2018


Season tickets can be purchased for just €20 until next 31 August and will give access to all of the Festival’s screenings and concerts.

Starting today and until Friday, 31 August, all-inclusive season tickets can be purchased through Entradas Abanca for the 15th Edition of Curtocircuíto.

These season tickets, available at a special discounted price of €20, will give access to all of the Festival’s screenings and concerts, which will be held from 29 September to 7 October. Whoever purchases their season tickets now can pick them up at the Teatro Principal box office in Santiago de Compostela starting on 24 September.

As of 1 September, it will also be possible to purchase all-inclusive season tickets at a price of €30 and tickets for screenings and concerts separately, at a price of €18 each, which is why this initial offer is perfect for spectators who want to fully enjoy Curtocircuíto.

Next week, we will make public the first names in this Edition, in which we will continue to delve deeper, in our usual spirit of exploration and interdisciplinarity.